3 Wonderful Things That Head Start Does For Children Who Come From Low-Income Families

Posted on: 13 January 2016

Head Start is wonderful program for children from low-income families that range in age from 1-5 years old. This great program is funded by grants that allow different very needed resources to be provided to these children. This program works on giving children the opportunity to succeed in life when they otherwise may struggle. It helps them with a variety of different things, and this article will discuss 3 of them. 

Early Childhood Education

It is so important that children from low income families get the same education opportunities as children from families who are more privileged. Head Start realizes this and wants all children to have the opportunity to receive an appropriate education from an early age. Because of this, Head Start offers children the opportunity to go to preschool programs without having to pay. These programs are funded with the grants that Head Start receives. Your child will be able to attend a great preschool where they can grow academically and socially, which will allow them to get off to an excellent start. 

Medical and Dental Assistance

Children from low income families may also lack in medical and dental care. When a Head Start agent first comes to your home, they will talk to you about your child's medical and dental care and will see where assistance is needed. If you do in fact qualify for the resources that Head Start has to offer, your child will be able to get the medical and dental care that they need. Cavities will be taken care of, proper brushing and flossing techniques will be taught, and regular dental check ups will then be scheduled. Medically, they will ensure that your child is up-to-date on all of their shots and will make sure that they don't have any medical conditions that have been left untreated. This can really take a load off of you as a parent because you will know that your child is being well cared for.

Nutritional Assistance

It is very important that your child is fed a well-rounded diet from the moment that they start eating solid foods. This helps them to not only grow healthy and strong, but also teaches them the proper way to eat. If your child is accepted into the Head Start program, you and your child will be able to meet with a dietician who will talk with you about proper nutrition and will answer any and all questions that you may have. This can be very informative for both you and your child and can help teach you what to buy and cook to feed your child. Also, your child will likely be offered free lunches at preschool in order to make sure that they are getting fed well when under the care of Head Start.

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