How To Make The First Day Of Preschool Easy On Your Little One

Posted on: 3 June 2016

The first day of preschool can be a stressful experience for you and your toddler, especially if they are not used to spending a lot of time away from you. Unfortunately, you can't be there to hold their hand throughout the acclimation period. But there are a few things you can do to prep your toddler and make the first day of preschool easy on them – consider incorporating one or more of the following tips and tricks into your preparation plans:

Visit Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to get your child ready for preschool is to make a couple of appointments to visit the facility before their first official day is scheduled. Visit during lunch time so your little one can get to know the other kids, and you have a chance to speak with the various staff members. Schedule a second visit when the facilitator has time to sit down with you both to answer your questions. Visiting ahead of time will give your toddler a chance to get used to the environment, so they're more comfortable staying their alone on their first official day.

Practice at Home

Request a schedule from the preschool so you can incorporate as much of it as possible at home during the weeks leading up to your toddler's first day. Try to mimic lunch and nap times throughout the day so your toddler gets used to the schedule. You should also take some time to read to each other and practice other educational activities that are featured at the school. This will help make their school days familiar to them so they can more easily adapt to the schedule once they've fully emerged into it.

Host a Couple Events

If possible, gather contact information for other parents whose children attend the same preschool yours will be going to. You can then call to invite them and their little ones to a couple of events in the weeks leading up to your toddler's first day of preschool. Hosting a small get-together in the backyard, a summer party, or an art event are all great ways to expose your child to others that they'll be attending preschool with so they don't feel alienated or out of place on their first day.

These methods and techniques should make it easier to drop your child off at preschool on the first day and provide you both with some peace of mind about the overall situation. Contact a center like D & J Educational Inc for more information.