Three Simple Steps To Make Your Child's Transition From Home To Daycare As Easy As Possible

Posted on: 20 June 2016

Difficult and unforeseeable events can send a stay-at-home mom swimming right back into the working world. If your child has gotten use to you being at home all of the time, you are going to experience challenges while preparing them to spend a majority of their time at a daycare. This situation is going to be more scary for them than it is for you. Below is a list of steps to take to ensure your child's sudden transition to daycare is as easy as possible.

Plan A Visit

Taking your child to visit the daycare facility before they actually start is a great way to ease them into the change. Set up with your daycare provider a day where you can just go in with your child and scope it out together. Let your child play while you are sitting there so that the change isn't as sudden to them. Allow the workers to play with and hold your child. Give them the reigns so that the transition is natural for your toddler. You want your child to be used to their surroundings before dropping them off for the day.

Get Them Excited

You can't just surprise your child with daycare the day they are set to go. You have to open the topic up for conversation. Even if your toddler isn't able to communicate very well right now, you still want to talk about going to daycare in front of them. Use excitement in your tone whenever you talk about it and have a smile on your face. Your toddler will start to anticipate daycare as something fun and exciting to look forward to. When the day arrives, your toddler will have heard nothing but good things about the facility and it will be easier for them to transition from you to the provider.

Give Them A Sense Of Normalcy

Being watched by someone other than mommy is far from normal for your toddler. Your child will feel the stress of no longer being at home, surrounded by their favorite things. To help the transition move smoother, allow your child to take something from home that they can identify with, such as a blanket or their favorite stuffed animal. Your toddler is going to need to be able to hold onto something that brings them the security of home. By sending them with something they have attached themselves to and identified as theirs, your child will be able to have a sense of safety and comfort.

You can't predict the future, so when a tragedy happens that sends you back into the work force, it's going to be tough on you and your child. By following these easy steps, you will be able to ensure the transition from home to daycare is as easy and tear-free as possible. Contact a company like Lily Pond Child Development Centers for more information.