Online High School: Tips For Success

Posted on: 6 August 2021

With the increase in schools promoting virtual learning, it is no wonder that the new normal is for high school students to learn from home. Though taking classes from home may seem more convenient than attending school, students may soon find some unique challenges to overcome. Luckily, there are excellent ways to work around the virtual learning experience to make online high school a terrific achievement. Here are just a few great examples of how high school students can make their online learning experience a success. 

Create a Workspace

Something that high school students may find surprising when taking online classes is the sudden lack of motivation that may come from working at home. While it may seem as though taking classes from home would be less distracting than being in school, the truth is that many realize they are not as motivated to complete work in a timely manner. With the availability of places to relax in the home environment, it may be tempting to work where is most comfortable.

However, it is best for students to create a dedicated workspace to complete their schoolwork. A separate room, office space, or even corner within one's bedroom can work perfectly so long as the area is completely allotted for the purpose of schoolwork. This also helps cut down on distractions when attending online classes as the student's full attention can then be focused on what the teacher and fellow students are communicating. 

Take Breaks

Too much screen time can lead to complications including tired eyes, headaches, and even difficulties falling or staying asleep. Students may feel overwhelmed with the amount of time sitting in front of a screen when completing online high school and should be sure to take regular breaks. Eating a snack, visiting the restroom, and just taking a brief time to relax throughout the day will actually help keep students on track and prevent possible burnouts from occurring.

If the student is able to walk outside, the fresh air and sunshine will do wonders in terms of improving overall mood and mentality. Students who take regular breaks will find themselves more focused on their work when they return, rejuvenated and refreshed as a result of their downtime. 

Learn to Organize

Getting into the habit of becoming organized will be one of the most important resources a high school student can have when learning remotely. While schools have classrooms organized with books and learning aids, online classes do not offer this level of organization or storage and students must learn to rely on their own organizational skills to keep materials in check.

Creating a school calendar will go far in helping students coordinate their class schedules and provide a constant visual reminder of upcoming assignments and important dates. Another great way to stay more organized is to create a filing system. Whether through the computer or physical binders, filing schoolwork that is pertinent to each class will help keep items separated and easy to find. 

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