Preschool Open Houses: Three Things To Look For

Posted on: 2 May 2016

Preschool open houses offer an opportunity for parents and potential students to get to know the school before making a decision. If you are planning on open houses to find the right preschool for your child, here are a few things you should keep in mind to make the most out of this experience.

Observe Your Child

While it is important to inspect the school and observe the teachers and faculty, take time to observe your child during the open house. If your little one feels comfortable and is excited about exploring the school, you may feel more comfortable about sending your child to school there. Look for the things that interest him or her, such as musical instruments or art supplies, and use these choices to come up with questions to ask as you tour the facility. Ask about special programs the school has to support those things your child is interested in, and ask how many minutes/hours per week your child can expect to participate in those programs.

Ask About The Pickup/Drop-off Process

While you are on campus, ask about how student pickup and drop-off is handled, and tour the areas of the school where you will be handing off your child to the teachers. Look for any potential security issues that might make you feel uncomfortable, such as your child needing to navigate his or her own way from the front door to the classroom. You should be completely comfortable that your child will be monitored from the minute you walk away from the school each day.

Inspect Restrooms And Diaper Changing Stations

Preschool-aged children may be on the cusp of being potty trained, but they may require staff assistance in the event of an accident. Be sure you feel comfortable with the proximity of restrooms to the classroom, and ensure that the facilities are designed for easy use by little ones. If the facility does not require children to be potty trained, ask to see where diapers will be changed. Changing tables should include safety straps to prevent your child from rolling off of the table, and there should be a sanitary way for diapers to be disposed of. Ask about how the school will handle accidents during school hours, and ask about how often children take breaks to use the restroom to prevent potential accidents.

While there are many different things to consider, your child's safety, personal hygiene and personal growth should all be taken into consideration as you look for a preschool. Use this article as a guide, and be sure to create a list of other questions you might want to ask when you visit the different schools. Click here for info on what else you might expect as you choose a preschool.